2007 Okuma Multus B300-W

2007 Okuma Multus B300-W

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Multus B 300 W

Y.o.M. 2007  




Machine specifications


Between centers                                         1000mm

Swing over saddle                                      Dia 630 mm

Max machining dia                                     Dia 450 mm

Max work length                                        900mm

Travels X-axis                                            690mm

Travels Z-axis                                            935mm

Travels Y-axis                                            160mm (+80_-80)

Traverse W-axes                                        1000 mm

Travels C-axis                                            360°(0,001° increment)

Travels B-axis                                            225° -30 + 195 0,001°

Spindle speed                                             38-5000 rpm/min

Spindle power                                            15/11 kW

Spindle torque                                            328 Nm

Speed range                                               2 auto range

Spindle nose                                              JIS A2-6

Spindle bore                                               Dia 62 mm

Bearing dia                                                Dia 100mm

Sub Spindle speed                                      38-5000 rpm/min

Sub Spindle power                                     15/11 kW

Sub Speed range                                         2 auto range

Sub Spindle nose                                        JIS A2-6

Sub Spindle bore                                        Dia 62 mm

Sub Bearing dia                                          Dia 100mm

M-spindle speed range                                50-10000 rpm/min

M-Spindle power                                       16/11 kW

Rapid traverse                                            x 40m; y 26m; z 40; w 20 m/min; c 200 rpm

Tool shank                                                 HSK 63

Magazine capacity                                      60-tools

Max tool dia                                              Dia 900mm

Max tool length                                          300 mm

Max tool mass                                            8kg

Tool selection                                             Random        


Cromar Chip conveyor, Synchronised threading, Manual touch setter, High pressure pump 15 bar, Coolant through tool coolant pump 15 bar, Open close chuck via M-code, Work light, 2 extra set of M-codes. Tool compensation 200 off, Indexing of multitool inkl,. ”Y-axis turning offset, Helix function, Dialoge programming One-touch IGF M-D incl. tool life monitoring, One-touch spreadsheet, Collision protection CAS, Main Spindle Hydr 3-jaw chuck make Autoblok typ BHD210-A6, Sub Spindle Hydr 3-jaw chuck make Autoblok typ BHD210-A6,





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