2007 Toshiba MPC 3180B

2007 Toshiba MPC 3180B

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CNC Double Column Machining Centre for 5-Face Machining of Cubic Workpieces

Manufacturer Toshiba Shibaura

Model MPC-3180B

Year 2007

Control Fanuc 15M CNC

Number of pallets 2 pallet changer system

Pallet size 2700 x 8000 mm

Pallet loading capacity max. 20000 kg

Travels Table longitudinal travel X 9000 mm

Milling head cross travel Y 3900 mm

Ram vertical travel Z 900 mm

Vertical travel of crossrail W 1600 mm

Clearance between the columns 3100 mm

Vertical clearance spindle nose to table 2440 mm

Feedrates X,Y,Z 1 – 6000 mm/min. W 1 – 3000 mm/min.

Rapids up to X 20000 mm/min. Y 25000 mm/min. Z 10000 mm/min. W 6000 mm/min.

Spindle motor rating 22 / 30 KW continuous / 50%

Spindle speeds 5 – 3000 rpm

Number of gear steps 2

Torque at the spindle max. 2170 Nm

Spindle taper JIS BT50 Spindle bearing diameter:

Vertical spindle 100 mm

Horizontal spindle 120 mm

Ram size 380 x 380 mm

Tool magazine positions 180 station auto tool changer

Tool taper BT 50

Tool diameter with/without adjacent tools max. 150 / 290mm

Tool length max. 600 mm

Tool weight max. 25 kg

5-face cutter head enabling 5-face machining Number of spindles in the head 2

Vertical spindle Yes, 1

Horizontal spindle Yes, 1

Horizontal indexing of head 72 positions of 5°

each Tool change to vertical spindle Yes

Tool change to horizontal spindle Yes

Electrical power capacity 150 kVA

Machine weight approx. t.b.a.

Basic machine dimensions L x W, approx. t.b.a.

Machine height H, approx. t.b.a.

Complete with:

5-face machining head Automatic indexing of horizontal spindle 72 x 5°

Three-dimensional coordinate conversion

AAC Automatic attachment changer

Attachment storage for 5 heads

Snout type head included

Small angle head included

AAI System – Automatic Attachment Indexing

Pendant operation panel electrically driven

Oil cooler

Hydraulic crossrail servo balancing system

Hydraulic ram balancing cylinder

Bed with telescopic steel covers

Column with telescopic steel covers

Crossrail with telescopic steel covers

Auto power off device

Work light 3-colour signal light

ATC Automatic tool changer

AWC Automatic work changer /

pallet changer

Small diameter tool tap breakage detection system

External program number search function

Chip conveyor

Mist coolant unit

Automatic measuring system

Renishaw touch probe

Heidenhain closed loop feedback system for X,Y, Z and W Axes

Coolant through the spindle

Helical interpolation

Direct tapping

Part program storage length 2560 m

Tool offset – wear offset memory

Program restart

Block restart

Additional optional block skip

Coordinate system rotation

Programmable data input

Programmable parameter input

Optional angle chamfering / corner rounding


Three-dimensional coordinate conversion

Pattern cycle

Straightness deviation compensation

Tool life management



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